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Investing in OpenStack?Is it a value for money investment?

As we all know OpenStack is an IaaS Cloud computing project and free open source software as well which released 2 years ago [Oct 2010].  Until now more than 150 companies have joined the project. But let’s see more details about investing in OpenStack.

Ryan Floyd , a venture capitalist , claims that “OpenStack will fundamentally change enterprise IT”. Furthermore from an investor perspective, it’s the sort of disruption that gives entrepreneurs and start-ups the chance to compete with incumbents [2]. Talking about Open Source investments Floyd says that ” today it is far easier to make money in open source then it has been in the past. The reason for that is because of the complexity”. Furthermore  comments that ” IT organizations have been gutted in recent years and most don’t have the time or resources to deal with complexity. That’s where the start-up open source opportunity can be found.”

Apart from Ryan Floyd’s point of view OpenStack has already made public some charts about the involved companies and the job trends in OpenStack

Job Trends related with OpenStack

And finally, OpenStack Foundation has officially launched boasting $10 million in funding and 5,600 members [3].

So the answer is “Yes OpenStack is a value for money investment”