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openSUSE Medical Report from FOSSCOM Conference

Report from FOSSCOMM (Patras,Greece) Conference

As a distro tester and openSUSE Ambassador, I ‘m very happy to
report what took place in the conference (it was my first conference as

an ambassador and member of openSUSE Medical Team)

So the conference lasted 2 days

1st Day : Booth and presentation

We set up the booth as an openSUSE Community. All the related stuff

(about Medical and openSUSE) was available around the booth.
Furthermore me and Stathis Iosifidis we presented the openSUSE Medical
project as well as the applications which are available via the
openSUSE Medical Distro.

I would like to note that we presented the following applications :

* openEMR
* GNUMed
* FreeMedForms
* FreeDiams

And finally we presented the new application for diabetics (which is
available in the medical repository) ” plasmoid-glucose ”

The presentation is available at :

The presentation was really interesting, people (doctors) during the
presentation asked us about the distro, the project and how to setup
and use the applications in general.

2nd Day : Feedback and Booth support

During the second day , we informed the people (via the booth) about

the openSUSE Medical project and it’s applications and features.

Many people asked us about the aim of the project, and how to use the
In addition with the questions people were surprised with the whole
idea of the project and that are able to use this kind of applications
as FOSS software.

According to me it’s very important to present and show the openSUSE
Medical project to doctors and students, because this project will be
alive only with the collaboration of developers and medical

Feedback :

Something new for a FOSS conference , many people are interested in
this project!

You can take a look at the photos of the presentation and the booth as well :


(Me and Stathis , you can take a look and in the other photos as well)

Have a lot of fun!