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How to install the first applet for diabetics

Yesterday night i received an e-mail , asking me how to install the glucose application in KDE GUI.

So these are the steps (via command line, until tonight i will post the guide with images)

1) Open the terminal and type, and add the repository

sudo zypper ar -c diabetic

diabetic is the alias of the repository , you can write your own alias as well.

Type the root password where needeed!!

2) You search the application package:

sudo zypper se plasmoid-glucose

A table with applications and packages will appear

3) Then you install the package you just found :

sudo zypper install  plasmoid-glucose

Press y in the question ‘Continue’

And the application has just installed!!

4) To launch it :

Just press Alt+D,A and left click on “Add graphical…” and then you will find applet called “Glucose”.

That’s it

Now you are able to store the bloodglucose testings!

Have a lot of fun , wherever are you diabetic or not!