Geeko @ Madrid Airport

What about creating  an airline company called “Geeko Air”? Is an awesome idea , isn’t it?

Well , this post is neither a thought about creating a new company nor a new way to make money. 🙂

So let’s see what it is. Before 10 days i had to travel from Madrid to Paris for my Practicum. At this case casual dress is a mandatory , so i wore a Geeko shirt (thanks Bruno :)). While passing the security control , the security guy (named Josue) saw the openSUSE badge (the front one) on my shirt and asked me ” Do you work for openSUSE?” my response was “No i contribute to the openSUSE Project”. The security control stopped and an interesting conversation begun. Josue told me that he was an Ubuntu user , but now  uses openSUSE and he is very satisfied. Without any thought i gave him the only openSUSE Promo DVD i had.

So Geekos , we have to know that our Project is great and also please make the Geeko Shirt available at openSUSE Shop (for more info ask Bruno)



One response

  1. Hi
    Good story!!
    time ago I read something similar from other user, but this time in NY !!
    Geeko is all over the world !! (over the free world ! like my blog!! XD XD bad joke)

    Bye! 😉

    November 23, 2012 at 12:05 am

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