Goolge Summer of Code 2012 – Ambassador/Event plugin for openSUSE Connect – Event#3

Event #3 (25/05-06/06)

What did i do

This period of time was the continuity of the last one (ok i suffered from fever for 3 days). So the hacking is on and new features are already added. As i promised on my last post , i had to add some new useful features in the Event Calendar Plugin (while creating a new event). So i added some new fields which are useful for the ambassadors and also requested from users. These fields are :

Material ,Arrival,Departure ,Booth ,Travel,Talks [1] .

Adding these fields means that ambassadors can add more information while creating a new event. But what is going on when an ambassador or a new user wish to add extra info on these fields? In openSUSE Connect you can make comments as a general instance in a page , but by default you cannot make comments into fields. Μore detailed i made annotations for the ElggObject ($event) and then printed their value (annotation value is a comment for a example). [2] . In order to make the comments visible during “View Event” i created new fields (Material Comment,Arrival Comment, Departure Comment , Booth Comment , Travel Cmment , Talks Comment) where the annotation from the user are available [3].

Problems and Solutions

During this period i faced problems with annotation. Elgg only allows annotating ElggObject but not metadata (our fields are metadata of the object $event) . I made a lot of tries and tried many thoughts so as to reach my goal. Creating a new Object would be a disaster and with no sense. So annotating the $event and add the annotations as a new StdClass was the solution in the problem [4].

What i am going to do

This period of time i will add a map locator for the each event. Furthermore i will  find out if other fields are requested from users and try to add them to event calendar plugin.


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