About OSOR.EU and Joinup


– What is OSOR.EU ?

According to the wikipedia definition :

“The Open Source Observatory and Repository (OSOR) is a website launched by the European Commission under the IDABC programme, to support the distribution and reuse of software developed by or for public sector administrations across Europe, connecting EU services and Member States. ”

So we talk about Open Source Observatory and Repository. Although i have to mention that Osor.eu was migrated to a new collaborative platform: Joinup , since December 2011

Main part

As main part of this post i make a brief review of OSOR’s main features and focus on two of them.

Having a look at OSOR.EU , the main points are :

a) It is designed for non technical users

b) It’s principles are : Community , Cooperation , Sharing

c) It offers 2.500 federated projects and also it has more than 400.000 downloads

d) European countries are involved

It is a truth that i could talk about and analyze ,as well, about OSOR features and advantages but i will focus on two of them .

These two features dealing with how the software offered by the OSOR can be sorted.  So let’s have a look at the sort lists below (i write down the first ten projects that appear after applying the “Activity” filter)  :

— Sort by Activity —


2) FENIX Workstation

3) KMKey : Project Management Software

4) NavTable


6) openFWPA


8) My Health Portal

9) Open e-PRIOR

10) Interfacage AgreGee

— Sort by Download —

1) gvSIG Desktop


3) WollMux

4) gvSIG-Network-Analysis

5) ECHO Offline eSingleForm

6) gvsig-mobile

7) Interfacage AgreGee

8) gvsig-3d

9) NavTable

10) Lesoll


As a conclusion i mention the following :

  • On the one hand only two of ten projects “Sorted by Activity” do appear as well at “Sorted by downloads” list above , mentioned in the Main part. That means that the most active projects are not necessarily the most downloaded ones .
  • On the other hand the “gvsig” projects (and it’s sub-projects as well) appear more than the other projects at the “Sort by downloads” list.  Considering that gvSIG is a GIS project the other “gvsig” seems to be strong related with the main gvSIG Project.

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