GNOME and KDE (a brief review)


After the presentation of the GNOME and KDE Community , lets’s have a brief review on main points of its GUI.

Brief  review


1) Very well organized portal and website

2) Many working teams and with organized structure as well

3) Moduleset organization

4) Meritocracy

5) Difficult to become a commiter

6) 2  licenses (LGPL , GPL) – one for the libraries and the other for the applications

7) Lack of bussiness eviroment appliances


1) Commit digest (commit feedback and report)

2) Cross platform GUI (available also for Windows)

3) Not well organized working teams

4) Easier to become a commiter

5) Many licenses (LGPL (2.1 or later) , BSD , MIT , X11 , FDL 1.2  or later , Qt Licensing , FreeQt License)

6) KDE Bussiness Enviroment appliances (Nokia ,


Searching more about the differences and the main points of its GUI , i did find an article and a poll below :

1) (An article about business appliance of its GUI)

2) (poll results by the users of Ubuntu)

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