Repository Comparison (CVS,Git(-hub-orious), Mercurial)

Imagine that you are a new programmer and you want to share your source , make commits and call  people to contribute on your source code , is there any tool that could help you? The answer is Yes you have more than one choices available. So which are the choices ? Is there any comparison between the available tools? Yes, just have a look :

According to the pie chart the highest percentage own the “Subversion” tool and after that is the “GitRepository”. So GitRepository owns 26 % when ” CVS ” and ” Mercurial” own 13 % and 2 %. (data and graph by So between CVS , Git and Mercurial you will choose obviously Git.. Is there any other reason to choose Git? Yes!

A couple of days ago , i read a very interesting article about ” The 10 Most Important Open Source Projects od 2011″ in . The projects listed in this article are :

– Hadoop

– Git

– Cassandra

– LibreOffice

– OpenStack

– Nginx

– jQuery

– Node.js

– Puppet

– Linux

And some information about Git : “Speaking of ubiquity, how about that Git, huh? Linus Torvalds other little hobby project has not only done good for Linux, but it’s hugely popular for FOSS projects. If you’re working on a new open source project, the odds are pretty good that you’re going to be using Git over any other distributed version control system (DVCS). Git isn’t just a popular tool, it’s the foundation of one of the most popular gathering spots around the Web for open source development: GitHub. It’s also being used and offered by Gitorious,, Google Code Hosting, and pretty much every other major platform for hosting FOSS projects.”

Finally do you still have doubts about which tool you will choose?


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