Python and other programming languages (

Today i found by chance some details about Python ( :

– What is Ohloh ?

Ohloh is a website which provides a web services suite and online community platform that aims to map the landscape of open source software development. It was founded by former Microsoft managers Jason Allen and Scott Collison in 2004 and joined by the developer Robin Luckey. As of March 2011 the site lists 441,250+ projects

– Data and statistics about Python  :

Total Lines :  402,457,858
Code : 253,362,520
Comments : 88,805,752 (26.0%)
Blanks : 60,289,586

But i think that more important are the graphs (available on this site). The first graph  compares the languages picked by the user (in our case only Python). The height of each point on the graph is the sum of all commits in that month that included at least one line of change for that language. A commit that changed two languages will be counted for each language.Languages are always charted over 20 years, and do not include the most recent month. The most recent month is excluded because Ohloh does not yet have complete information for it. So let’s have a look on the graph :

According to the graph during the last two years (2010-2011) the percentage rose up 1,5 % approximately. Furthermore an other graph mentions the data above. On the second graph is represented a comparison between C, C++ and Python.

No matter which language you prefer , it shown obviously that Python rises up the last 5 years  (2005-2011) when C and C++ do fall. I think that Python do have a higher percentage , in comparison with the other 2 languages , due to its  appliance (Django , PyQT, Py GTK) , scalability and flexibility.


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