Find your GNU/Linux friends around the world

I use Gnu/Linux since 2007. It is a fact that finding other people who also use the same OS  is not always easy…You search people in order to express your ideas and your thoughts, maybe you spent hours talking in a IRC channel asking for help…but finally you talk with people and sometimes you are not able to see all them “pointed” in map…Could you imagine a platform (or maybe software) which would “serve” this kind of feature? I mean to “point” Gnu/Linux users around the world?  Personally , until yesterday i couldn’t…But now i don’t imagine i just enjoy!

Well , a friend of mine, Efstathios Chatzikyriakidis  implemented  this wish. He made a map where all over the world  are able to state their position in the map  and the distribution of Gnu/Linux they use as well. This project is called  OSHACKERS. OSHACKERS is licensed  under  GNU GPLv3.

So the question is  : “Are we spots (or points ) in the map or interactive/powerful users of Gnu/Linux ? ”

The answer is  : “It’s up to how often you see people around you using Gnu/Linux…”

So Master classmates, and other  Gnu/Linux users the conclusion of this post is :

No more thoughts , no more words just “click” the white  rabbit below….and be registered


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