openSUSE Medical Meeting-Weekly News

We are pleased to announce the first openSUSE medical Meeting.

Time and meeting place

  • 2011-07-27 21:00 UTC/GMT +3 hours
  • #opensuse-medical at freenode


  • Welcome
  • News and Announcements
    • New Leadership , Plans and Thoughts
      Report From openSUSE Collaboration Camp (15-17 of July 2011 , Greece)
      openSUSE Conference Participation ( 11-14 of September 2011, Nürnberg)
      openSUSE Medical 11.4 Feedback
      openSUSE Medical Mailing list Brainstorms and Ideas (Andre Massing)
  • Milestones
    • Milestone 1 : Add new software in the distro (aka packaging new software)
      Milestone 2 : New applications development (Qt/KDE ones)
      Milestone 3 : Translation of included applications (openEMR,GnuMed, FreemedForms)
      Milestone 3 : Translation of the non-imported software (openmolar,sheltler Manager)
      Milestone 3 : Build the new release of the Distro with KIWI toolset
      Milestone 4 : openSUSE Medical Artwork
      Milestone 5 : Setting the release dates for the new release of the distro (openSUSE Medical Beta 1,Beta 2,RC,Final Release)
  • Open Floor – General Discuss

More informations at:


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