openSUSE Medical (The New Leadership)

It’s very important for me , that from now on i am a FOSS project leader (openSUSE Medical) know more about take a look at the news :

First of all i would like to thank Sascha Manns (openSUSE Medical project Founder) , Kostas Koudaras (openSUSE Greek Community Leader), Efstathios Eiosifidis ( openSUSE Ambassador , and openSUSE Medical Contributor) for their help and advice

But maybe someone will ask me why is so important for you to lead a project?

It is very important to lead an FOSS project , because you feel more that you contribute  (in the community) and also inform people around this project (of course and about Gnu/Linux)…Furthnermore , this project is a it’s a challenge , because i’m not a doctor or a pharmacist , i’ m just a gratuated student from Department of Applied Informatics…I would like to mention that , i will try to give my best..but..your opinion,suggestion and feedback are very very usefull for me and for the project in general…

That’s for now…

Thanks a lot!

Have a lot of fun , enjoy openSUSE , and try openSUSE Medical!

Feel free to “bother” me (for more info) at :




One response

  1. Ulrich M. Starke

    Unfortunately I am a medical doctor myself. And I could not find any tool which could be useful for my daily surgery. What the hack is the “medical” aspect of that software !?
    And wht is whorse: there is no WLAN connector / manager on board.
    Sorry – for me this prog does not seem usefull to doctors.


    October 19, 2011 at 11:58 am

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