Report from EL/LAK Conference (Thessaloniki)

Report from EL/LAK  Conference (Thessaloniki,Greece,22/05/2011)

As an openSUSE Ambassador, I ‘m very happy to
report for another time what took place in the conference.

So the conference lasted 1 day

The Day : Booth and Presentation

We set up the booth as an openSUSE Community. All the related stuff
(about Medical and openSUSE) was available around the booth.
Furthermore me and Stathis Iosifidis informed people about the
openSUSE Project and openSUSE Medical Project as well as the
applications which are available via the openSUSE Medical Distro.
Efstathios Agrapidis also made an introductory presentation about OBS.
The presentation rolled out smoothly. Although there wasn’t enough
time to answer questions, the audience showed their interest by coming
later to the booth asking for more details; not only about the
platform and the infrastracture itself, but also about packaging

I would like to note that we informed  the people about:

* openEMR
* GNUMed
* FreeMedForms
* FreeDiams
* Plasmoid Glucose

Booth helpers : Efstathios Agrapidis, Vasilis

openSUSE Ambassadors : Rousinopoulos Athanasios-Ilias , Efstathios Iosifidis

Presentations : Efstathios Agrapidis (“Introduction to OBS”)

* Event Details : 22 Μαΐου 2011
Q : How many DVDs taken and distributed?
A: About 75 DVDs. We also used the file Greek help flyer
Q:Would you go again?
A:Yes of course!

You can take a look at the photos of the conference and the booth as well :












Also you can download the presentation here:


Have a lot of fun and enjoy openSUSE!


Rousinopoulos Athanasios-ilias


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