Facing a problem with your openSUSE installation or configuration? Search into openSUSE Forum

Too many times during the past i faced problems with a distro installation or a specified configuration….i searched into the forums but not always i solved the problem…

Well, now i know why i use openSUSE Linux and why i am a member of Ambassadors! Yes i know!

Any problem i face (like today) i find useful instructions in the openSUSE Forum. So i faced the same problem with the virtualbox but…now the solution is available. First of all let me introduce you to the problem :

VirtualBox keeps failing even though ran “/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup”!!

I keep getting the error below even though I:

1. Added myself to vboxusers
2. Installed dkms
3. Ran the “sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup” command.

SOS!! What can i do now?

Here is the solution to the problem above:
Step 1 :

Install the kernel sources and headers :

zypper in kernel-source kernel-devel kernel-desktop-devel kernel-default-devel

Step 2 :

Install the gcc compiler so as to compile the module!

sudo zypper in gcc

Step 3 :

Install the appropiate service:

sudo /sbin/service vboxdrv setup

And that’s it!


My first post in openSUSE Forum. I hope that users who may face the same problem will be able to solve it!

Post available at http://bit.ly/f13IRB


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